Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions before diving in and committing to the Ocean Basket application process? We've done our best to provide you with answers to most of the questions our new applicants have.

International FAQS

General Application Queries

How do I find a perfect location?
Ocean Basket will assist you to select a site that meets yours and our requirements. If you have a site in your territory that you would like to suggest, please feel free to contact our Team and we will work with you to determine the feasibility of the location.

What is the length of the Master License Agreement?
Our Master License Agreements typically have a term of 10 years.

Can I own more than one store?
With our international territories we work on a Master License basis which gives the master licensee the rights to open a predetermined minimum number of stores in that country / territory. The number of stores that will be opened will be stipulated in the Master License agreement.

What are the requirements for an operating partner?
The requirements for an operating partner are to complete the full master license assessment process and be approved by the New Business Committee.

What support will Ocean Basket give me in setting up, owning and operating my business?
Ocean Basket will give you all the support and training required for developing and operating your store. You will have a dedicated opening team who will work with you and guide you throughout the process. Once your store is opened, our team will be on site for the first 2 weeks to ensure the successful opening and running of your new store.


What are the royalty and marketing fees?
Royalties – 5 % of turnover
Marketing – 3 % of turnover (2% to be used for local marketing in your territory)

What are the costs associated with setting up a store?
Exclusivity Fee – up to USD 100 000
Joining Fee – USD 30 000 per store

We have estimated the total amount required to be about USD 3 000 000, to successfully launch the brand and open the first few restaurants.

Training & Operations

Does Ocean Basket supply product to international territories?
Yes. We have a dedicated supply chain team to assist you in the procurement of stock. Key lines will be supplied from either South Africa or our international partners directly.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing restaurant equipment and supplies?
We offer a comprehensive specification document with all equipment requirements. Our development team will assist you in the final selection and approval of the equipment.

How many employees does it take to operate a unit?
Depending on the size of the store, you will need about 25 to 30 staff in total.


I am a landlord with available property that would be great for Ocean Basket. Would Ocean Basket be interested in my location?
Please complete the contact form and give us some details about your location / property. We will review the details and get back to you.

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