Online Master License Application

Do You Have What it Takes to Join the Ocean Basket Family?

What area are you interested in?

Are you looking to be an investor, operator or both?

Do you have food service experience?

Do you have any local or international food brands in your portfolio?

Do you have access to highly-preferred real estate in a given market?

Do you have an organisational structure to support, own and operate a network of multiple restaurants across major cities in a large territory or country?

Do you have sufficient capital and financial ability to develop a number of restaurants over a set period of time?

Do you have a minimum of $2 million readily available?

Please specify the funds that you currently have available to invest
Why would you like to join the Ocean Basket family?

Legal Stuff We Have To Ask

Have you or any Company that you were a director of or any Close Corporation that you were a member of, ever been sequestrated, liquidated or wound up?

Is there any outstanding litigation against you or your partners?

Are you under debt review?