Why Choose Ocean Basket

Why Ocean Basket

Taking the plunge and opening your own business can be daunting, if you’re sailing solo. But if you join Ocean Basket you get a streamlined franchise system that we have perfected over more than 20 years of operation; you benefit from our comprehensive support structures and our well-established brand name; and, most importantly, you become family. So why navigate the entrepreneurial seas alone when you can team-up with a partner who really knows the ropes, and is passionate about your success.


More than 160 stores in South Africa

44 International Stores
2 X in Botswana
10 X in Cyprus
2 X in Dubai
4 X in Kazakhstan
2 X in Kenya
2 X in Kuwait
1 X in Malta
3 X in Mauritius
2 X in Mozambique
3 X in Namibia
3 X in Nigeria
1 X in Oman
1 X in Qatar
1 X in Russia
3 X in Saudi Arabia
152 X in South Africa
2 X in Swaziland
3 X in Zambia
1 X in Zimbabwe


1995 Fats and George opened the first store in Pretoria

1997 The first store opened in the Western Cape

1998 We ran our first successful TV Ad

2001 The first store opened in Kwa-Zulu Natal

2002 Ocean Basket opens in Zambia

2006 We introduced our sushi menu

2008 Ocean Basket opens in Cyprus

2010 Ocean Basket opens in Lesotho

2011 Ocean Basket opens in Mauritius and Dubai

2012 Ocean Basket opens in Swaziland and Nigeria

2013 Ocean Basket opens in Botswana and Namibia
Ocean Basket becomes the largest sushi outlet in South Africa

2014 Ocean Basket opens in Kenya and Greece

2015 Ocean Basket opens Malta, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sweden